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helping you make better decisions

Sometimes it’s hard to make the right decision, even when you know it’s better for you.

Shanghai Vape aims to make one thing in your life easier, and that’s giving up smoking and living a happier, healthier, longer life.


Giving up is hard to do, as the old saying goes, but you can join us by becoming one of a new community of vapers who have moved on with no fuss and found a new lover.


Two of our partners, Sean and Daryl, have been smoking for over half their lives and had tried giving up before but with little success. However, using the products we’re selling on this website they’ve successfully managed to kick the habit and have been smoke free since picking up their vapers.


Now Sean and Daryl don’t smell of smoke in front of their colleagues, they don’t have to go out into the cold and the rain to feed their addiction, and they don’t run out of breath when they’re climbing up six flights of stairs with their hands full of shopping (actually, that one isn’t true – they’re ex-smokers, not super-ayis!).


They weren’t the only ones who were happy – their girlfriends loved kissing a non-smoker for the first time in their relationship.


And the best thing of all? Vaping is a gateway to a huge community of like minded, forward thinking people who like to make better decisions in all that they do. Almost every vaper is evangelical about a product that gave them the ability to give up smoking and love to share their experiences on different types of equipment and flavours of e-juice.


If you found something that could help you to live a longer, healthier, happier life wouldn’t you tell everyone you know too?


Shanghai Vape – helping you make better decisions.

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