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Shanghai Vape Meet!

Shanghai Vape are very happy to announce the first ever Shanghai Vape Meet!

The event will be held at The Shed, Saturday 13th December 2014 from 4pm - 8pm.

We're also excited to let you know that alongside Shanghai Vape we will be joined by Vapina Vape Club coming up to Shanghai all he way from Guangzhou especially for this event.

What is a vape meet?

For new vapers or people looking to start it's a place to find out information about the vape scene, look at and test vape gear, see what's suitable for them if they want to try vaping and hopefully feel inspired to join the growing community of vapers or take the next step on their vape path over a few drinks.

For more experienced vapers it's a chance to get together and compare gear, share juices (we're all friends), blow clouds, and generally have a good time talking about something which they love - over the course of a drink or seven. There are very few vapers who aren't just so slightly evangelical about their hobby/lifestyle. Especially when they're drunk...

Available on the night will be:

Giveaways - some free stuff for people to win Cloud Comp - whoever can chuck the biggest cloud gets pride and, obviously, some free stuff Starter kits available for people who are interested in starting vaping, giving up cigarettes or potentially looking for Christmas gifts for smokers in their lives A selection of interesting mods and clearomisers for people looking to upgrade from their starter kits Rebuildable dripping atomisers and rebuildable atomisers for vapers who wanna really chuck those clouds Coil wire, wicking materials, tool kits etc as well as people on hand to show you how to make your own coils and build attys and drippers A great selection of imported and local nic and no-nic ejuices to test and try

Even if you're not interested in taking up vaping yourself, there's been a lot of interest from people interested in finding out what the hell vaping is, so this is a good chance to see for yourself. Come down, have a beer and check it out.



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