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Smoking vs. Vaping - what's the verdict?

How many times have you pulled out your vape, only to hear someone say, "Why are you using that? It's as bad as/even worse than smoking!"

We know it doesn't happen every time you have a vape, but every single vaper in China we have talked to about this in the Shanghai Vape store has had this conversation at some time, oftentimes with a partner, family member, colleague or friend.

It can be hard for a lot of people who haven't invested time and energy into researching the benefits of vaping versus smoking to communicate effectively why they know that vaping is better for them than smoking. A lot of people who come to our vape store in China are also trying to do this in a second language, or communicating with people who are using a second language which makes it even more difficult.

What if there was a trusted organisation who tried to summarise, in an immediately understandable way for people who don't know anything about vaping, what the benefits of vaping were rather than smoking?

Luckily for us, Public Health England have released a video encouraging people to try vaping as an aid to quitting tobacco use with a very visible and easy to understand video that shows just how harmful tobacco smoke is when compared to e-cigarette vapor.

Take a look and tell us what you think. We've added Chinese subtitles too, so that we can help share the message here in China. Click the link and share with your friends!

Public Health England ‘Health Harms’ – Impact of smoking vs vaping demonstration (Youku link)

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