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IQOS in Shanghai, China

We get a lot of people asking us in our vape store, “Can I buy IQOS heat not burn and Heets in Shanghai or China?”

The answer is yes, however the products that are available in the Chinese market are either smuggled or counterfeit. These products are regulated in China as tobacco products and none of IQOS (and Heets), GLO (including Neo Sticks and iFuse), and Ploom (including Mevius) have a tobacco license from the Chinese government so they are therefore all illegal to sell in China.

Customs officials in Dalian inspecting IQOS products smuggled into China in cosmetics packaging in 2018

Customs officials in Dalian inspecting smuggled IQOS products

Apart from the numerous criminal cases which have been brought against illegal smugglers and retailers in China which make purchase of these products logistically difficult the common consensus is that the health effects of heat not burn technologies are also more dangerous than “traditional” e-cigarettes and closer to the cigarette products they are supposed to replace.

On top of the lack of legal supply and health effects, another issue is the branding of these products which could create a misnomer about what the technology is actually doing. Dr Ed Stephens, a researcher at the University of St Andrews, said:

“I don’t like the term heat not burn...The word ‘burn’ has two meanings. The first is to light something so that it catches fire and continues to combust until the fuel runs out, like a candle or a cigarette. The second is to heat something until it chars around the edges – like when you leave a cake in the oven for too long and it chars. Switch the oven off and the charring stops. Heat not burn products don’t burn like a cigarette, but the tobacco is ‘cooked’ and may even char. So it would be better called heat not combust.”

While there is some evidence that heat not burn products emit less of the harmful carcinogens that are found in normal cigarettes (mostly from research conducted by the tobacco industry - well known for offering truthful, unbiased opinion on their products) these products still contain the same known carcinogens as cigarettes and are a much higher risk product than e-cigarettes which vaporise liquid nicotine.

While we believe in choice here at Shanghai Vape we have turned down a lot of (illegal) business by refusing to sell heat not burn products. We strongly believe that if you want to give up smoking and stop smoking cigarettes then e-cigarettes are most people's best choice. E-cigarettes are twice as effective as traditional forms of Nicotine Replacement Therapies (like nicotine lozenges, patches and gum) and are at least 95% safer than smoking cigarettes.

Three of the new style vape kits that are most suited to smokers switching to vaping - the Moti MT, SX Mini Mi and Renova Zero

Three popular options of the new style of e-cigarette "pod" systems

If you’ve tried e-cigarettes before, and you weren’t convinced or you had issues with your device it might be time to give e-cigarettes a chance again. The new technology which has been brought into our industry means that small, day-long lasting devices which can satisfy your nicotine cravings are the most popular products we sell.

If you’re on the fence, or you’ve decided that e-cigarettes are the right choice for you then give us a call, visit our shop or check our out products online. We’re available to answer any questions you might have and help you find the right solution to a genuine smoke free future.

Call us on 021-5208-0003, visit or visit our store in Shanghai at 549 Shaanxi Bei Lu, near Xinzha Lu (山西北路549, 靠近新闸路).

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